Climbing in the Sahara means climbing in solitude in a unique atmosphere in which mountain and desert merge together in a breath-taking reality. The short morning walk with the African sun coming up from behind the horizon, the summit with an unforgettable view over the surrounding desert, sipping green tea in the bivouac around the campfire after a day of climbing: these are just a few of the ingredients that make up this adventure. There are three massifs which, on first contact, have proved to offer excellent opportunities: Tibesti, Ennedì and Guera.

Tibesti, with its basalt rock faces, is the only mountain to have been climbed a few times 50 years ago.
Ennedì is a strangely-shaped sandstone massif; cliffs, towers and arches seem to have been just waiting for climbers to arrive. In November 2010, we were guides for a great group of climbers from The North Face team who came to discover this impressive massif. Spectacular, new routes have been mapped out in Chigeou, Bamena and Bachikelè.
Guera is a granite massif that features significant inselbergs with rock faces of up to 300 metres. Let our guides show you the way for two weeks of true adventure!

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