Secrets of the Borkou

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A little known region, but with an importance in the past as connecting route between Southern Africa and Cyrenaica for the slaves trade. Since our very first exploration of the area in 1992, the very first in the sub-Saharian tourism, it has been for us just a transit zone. In the years thought, we collected a so big richness of landscapes, rock art, mankind that we decided to know deeper such an astonishing territory with the proposal of an itinerary filled with gems of beauty.

NEW: After a season in which we tested its efficiency and reliability, we decided to introduce, since October 2019, in some of our circuits, two domestic flights (Faya-Faya) operated by the company TCHADIA AIRLINES that allow our travelers to avoid the long transfers and to enjoy more deeply the Chadian Sahara.


  • Saharan landscapes of Borkou and its lost villages
  • At the feet of the Emi Koussi, the higher peaks of the Sahara
  • Rock art in the Tougoui region
N'Djamena   31/12/2019 8/1/2020

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