According to every expert, the 3500 km2 of Zakouma are one of the most beautiful parks in Africa. It is a park in the strictest sense, in which there is no sightseeing from the roof of a minibus to spot the zoo animals, but instead you discover nature as it should be, without the intervention of man: the animals live in their most natural state.

The Park was created in the south of the country in 1963 and represents today one of the last remaining examples of the Sudano-Sahelian ecosystem in the whole of Africa. The conservation measures implemented since 1989 and the good care taken of the local ecosystems have enabled the fauna to make a spectacular recovery: the plains of Zakouma are full of elephants, antelopes and big cats.

Main features:

  • The extraordinary and unique ecosystem of Zakouma
  • The granite formations of Guera
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