The Archeï Massif

Le massif de  Archeï

The Ennedì Plateau, closer to black Africa with its decidedly “Tassilian” scenery, is unrivalled in the Sahara. The vastness of the landscapes and the spectacular jumble of sandstone reliefs go beyond the imagination when the needles, arches, stone cathedrals or donjons merge magnificently with the perfectly formed dunes. The plateaus lead into the half-light of mysterious labyrinths and great forests of ancient trees that transform the wadis into ribbons of green to shelter the numerous camps of the Toubous nomads. The presence of water means that it is possible to observe the protected and unique Saharan fauna (crocodiles, panthers, etc.) and the great number of caves and rock shelters will satisfy even the most demanding amateur.

A 14-day Saharan expedition with seven days of walking and exploration of Ennedì and its extraordinarily beautiful peripheral massifs: Deli, Ga Kourou, Chigeou, Terkeï, Tokou. The trip rounds up with sights of the crocodiles of the famous Guelta of Archeï, the Cyclopean walls, the paintings of “flying horses and camels” and the vast herds of camels that all together form the wonderful attractions of the Sahara.

Main features:

  • The rock paintings of the massif
  • The mythical Guelta d'Archeï
  • The labyrinth; the incredible product of erosion
  • The great Aloba Arch

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