The Chadian Desert offers areas of great beauty but it is one of the most hostile places for human life. For this reason, the organisation and undertaking of a journey in the Sahara require expert preparation, in both technical and human terms and our team of guides, driver-mechanics and cooks can be relied upon completely for your trip.

Extensive experience of nomadic life and of the country’s traditions and a perfect understanding of the terrain allow you to truly appreciate every aspect of the Chadian desert. Indeed, interest in the desert of Chad isn’t only about the beauty of the landscape of rocks and dunes, the stunning isolated oases, the feeling of freedom you breathe everywhere you travel, but there is also a profound interest in the people and their traditions, the geological aspects of the country, the study of a past rich in the history and prehistory of civilizations that lived in a once lush and fertile land, leaving invaluable evidence in the form of cave art. All of our trips make time for the discovery of Saharan prehistory with the precious help of our guides and in full respect of the art sites that the desert offers; the atmosphere is always truly unforgettable and such places absolutely must be safeguarded.

The fauna and flora are much more rich and varied than you might imagine and, during our expeditions, you learn to distinguish between the different types of wild animals, just as you can also learn to recognize, by observing the leaves and thorns, the different species of acacia and other numerous plants that live in the Sahara and are used in the daily lives of the nomadic people.

All of this is carefully organized by our travel team within the framework of a very close partnership between local elements and European guides, who live in Chad for the full tourist season and fulfil the role of intermediary between the traveller and a reality so different from but more essential than that found in Europe.

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