The Team

The fundamental characteristic of the SVS-TCHAD team is its unusual melting-pot of different skills. The SVS-TCHAD base holds within the same location a multi-ethnic community in which each person carries out his basic and supplementary tasks with great professionalism.

Good relationships all round are also ensured by the sharing of daily life. Indeed, the workshops in which the qualified mechanics adjust the vehicles before each departure, the supplies storeroom and the depot allocated to checking the correct functioning of the tents and travel equipment are all grouped together in the same place, which is also the commercial hub and where Chadians and Europeans work together daily on the technical development and organisation of each project.
Over time, this way of life has woven a network of solid ties which form the supporting framework of SVS-TCHAD and which go beyond the standard working relationships.

Piero Rava
Mahammat, Orozi et Gundi
Andrea Bonomo
Rocco Rava
Tommaso Rava
Cecilia Rava avec Hugo
Ali Doc Doc, Hadjer Et Hissen
Ichaou avec Abakar
Anna Bianco
Mahammat, Abakar Et Ichaou
Piero et Pierpaolo, Ennedi
Marina Rava
Ali Doc Doc
Andrea, Ousmane et Hadjer
Tommaso Avec Johnni
Abdullaye Maca
Andrea Bonomo avec Haroun et Hadjer
Rocco Rava
Equipe En Mission
Piero et Rocco Rava
Andrea Bonomo avec Ousmane
Rocco Rava
Andrea Bonomo
SVS Equipe - Papik
Abdelkarim, Adum Et Johnni
Tommaso et Rocco Rava avec Ousmane Et Hadjer
Piero et Rocco Rava avec El Hadji Senoussi
Tommaso Et Rocco Rava
SVS Equipe - Papik
Piero et Rocco Rava
Anna Bianco   Ennedi CIAD
Rocco Et Tommaso Rava Avec Yaou
Andrea Bonomo
SVS Team
Pierpaolo Rossi

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