4x4 Expeditions

As protagonists of numerous first-time voyages and discoverers of new routes considered today to be classics, we focus particularly on the technical organization of your 4x4 trip by choosing carefully the routes, means of transport, camping materials, supplies and the teams of guides.

Our fleet is made up of Toyota Land Cruisers and Range Rovers especially equipped for desert travel and prepared according to the style of modern Saharan expeditions. We take great care over spare parts, camping materials and food stocks.

Navigating the dunes by car, crossing the Mourdi or the Djourab… travelling by car is always an exciting experience and gives you a wide-angle, complete vision; a panoramic view of the Chadian desert. During your 4x4 trip, we also offer treks on foot so that you can really take in the environment in which nature is always the motor of the rhythms of life.

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