Tibesti Expedition

Tibesti trekking

The Tibesti is one of the mythical places of the Sahara. It was in this monumental volcanic massif, the tallest in the Sahara, that our tourist story in Chad began, twenty years ago. Closed for several years, this northern region of Chad opens its doors once again, giving us access to its unique geological paradise.
A genuine 4x4 expedition, reaching the most beautiful corners of the massif and enabling travellers to experience the intense emotion of being at the very top of the Sahara and getting to know its proud inhabitants: the Teda.
Whilst climbing the massif, we will discover the stunningly beautiful landscape: canyons, gueltas, caves, gorges… An unforgettable experience in one of the most secret places in the Sahara.

Main features:

  • The dunes of the Djourab erg
  • The Zouarkè gorges
  • The Natron Hole, one of the most surprising volcanic phenomena of the Sahara
  • The Tassili de Siniga and the Toubou village of Yebbi Bou
N'Djamena   14/02/2021 06/03/2021
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