An exploration tour to discover the most authentic Wodaabe communities of Sahel region in Chad.
These nomadic shepherds have their own natural background in the Sahel regions of Africa: we can found them from Senegal to Central African Republic. In Chad the Wodaabe clans, often called Bororo, are very linked to their ancestral traditions and they still follow the complex ethical code called of "Pulakku".

Wodaabe celebrate every year, after the rainy season, important celebrations for love and for good grazing. Men prepare themselves for a long time making up, packing precious clothes and dancing in front of women of the tribe gathered for this occasion. They overturn their eyes and bring out their faces with striking smiles that need to highlight their teeth whitened; men's beauty is based on the quantity of white visible on their faces. While they dance and contort their faces, young women whisper each other, talking and kidding while throwing glances...

This is the ideal and most spectacular time to get in touch with this human dimension who comes directly from past.








Le jour de l'arrivée il y a une nuit à l'hôtel, le lendemain nous partons pour le circuit.
Au retour, il y a une chambre day use à diviser pour 3 passagers.

On the date of arrival there is a night in the hotel, the next day we leave for the circuit.
On the return there is a room to be divided for 3 passengers.

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