Emi Koussi


What could be more mythical for the Saharan traveller than Emi Koussi and the Tibesti Massif? To our great joy, this region is open once again. The highest peak of the Sahara, Emi Koussi (3415m), is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Saharan landscapes. Climbing up to visit this stunning region is an intensely emotional experience. Nothing is forgotten: new encounters, landscapes, cultures. If you add to the unique geological power of this place a meeting with the Toubous, the discovery of numerous prehistoric sites, the lakes of Ounianga Kebir, the oases of Gouro and Faya-Largeau, you will understand our joy at rediscovering this region after such a long wait. Come and visit this mythical place!

Main features:

  • The dunes of Erg Djourab
  • The Faya Largeau Oasis
  • The Tassili de Tigui
  • The high volcanic crater, roof of the Sahara

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